Frequently Asked Questions

Will the CompenSaver help in the rattles and noises coming from this new version Harley compensator?

Yes it has proven to substantially reduce the noise from the compensator. It is a combination of proper lubrication and the replacing of the steel Roller Thrust bearing with our specifically designed composite washer that aids in noise reduction. A point of caution; For the best results the OEM chain adjuster must be use. Aftermarket adjusters, especially a ridge manual adjuster will in itself cause the compensator to rattle due to the added chain slap they create. The issues with the Harley auto adjuster making the chain too tight involves the early versions produced from 2007 to about 2009 verify you have the later version as they have not experienced the over tightening that was reported in years past. The current part number is 40063-05B ______________________________________________________________________________

Can I use ATF (automatic transmission fluid) with the CompenSaver?

Yes you can. However we do not recommend the use of ATF. ATF is thinner (low viscosity) with less ability to handle the loads associated with the compensator’s working contact surfaces. The CompenSaver will continue to extend the life of the compensator but the reduced lubricating ability to protect the rough as-cast load surfaces between the spokes and cam ramps will cut the life shorter than with a quality primary lubricant. ATF is very good for the clutch but has been formulated to protect the precisely machined and much harder gears of the automatic and is not formulated for the poor quality contact surfaces of the Harley compensator.  It will also allow for a noisier compensator assembly due to its low viscosity. We recommend you use a high quality lubricant specifically designed for use in the primary drive assemblies. This will aid greatly in extending the life of the compensator and is formulated to work well with the clutch. ______________________________________________________________________________